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2018-19 Varsity Track Roster

David Anderson full bio David Anderson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Sarah Anderson full bio Sarah Anderson Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Anna Armanino full bio Anna Armanino Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Kennedy Atkinson full bio Kennedy Atkinson Event: Sprinter Cl.:  
Disha Baglodi full bio Disha Baglodi Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Tyrone Baines III full bio Tyrone Baines III Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Taylor Barnes full bio Taylor Barnes Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Christopher Beck full bio Christopher Beck Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Clarissa Beck full bio Clarissa Beck Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Ryan Beck full bio Ryan Beck Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Evan Bell full bio Evan Bell Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Natalie Bell full bio Natalie Bell Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Saanvi Bhumpalle full bio Saanvi Bhumpalle Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Ethan Blalock full bio Ethan Blalock Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Olivia Bollenbacher full bio Olivia Bollenbacher Event: Jumper Cl.:  
Cassidy Booker full bio Cassidy Booker Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Xander Bouton full bio Xander Bouton Event: Distance Cl.: 9
London Bradley full bio London Bradley Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Harmoni Brown full bio Harmoni Brown Event: Thrower Cl.: 12
Joseph Burbine full bio Joseph Burbine Event: Distance Cl.: 10
William Carrow full bio William Carrow Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Kendall Clemmer full bio Kendall Clemmer Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Macy Cobb full bio Macy Cobb Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Angelina Cofrancesco full bio Angelina Cofrancesco Event: Thrower, Sprinter Cl.: 10
Phillip Michael Collins full bio Phillip Michael Collins Event: Thrower Cl.: 10
Paige Consolo full bio Paige Consolo Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Samuel Cooper full bio Samuel Cooper Event: Sprinter Cl.:  
Gracie Counsell full bio Gracie Counsell Event: Hurdles, Sprinter Cl.: 10
Kennedy Daniels full bio Kennedy Daniels Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Mia Danner full bio Mia Danner Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Jack Donovan full bio Jack Donovan Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Lyle Donovan full bio Lyle Donovan Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Kaine Dudley full bio Kaine Dudley Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Audrey Duke full bio Audrey Duke Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Jaeden Edwards full bio Jaeden Edwards Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Cade Ellington full bio Cade Ellington Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Carson Ertwine full bio Carson Ertwine Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Kaleigh Erxleben full bio Kaleigh Erxleben Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Manuel Fabregas full bio Manuel Fabregas Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Muhammad Fahmy full bio Muhammad Fahmy Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Anna Farris full bio Anna Farris Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Jack Faulkenburg full bio Jack Faulkenburg Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Jack Filan full bio Jack Filan Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Isabel Filipek full bio Isabel Filipek Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Brice Floyd full bio Brice Floyd Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Emma Flynn full bio Emma Flynn Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Ashton Foraker full bio Ashton Foraker Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Lillian Freed full bio Lillian Freed Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Hayden Gardella full bio Hayden Gardella Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Josh Gargan full bio Josh Gargan Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Gabrielle Gibson full bio Gabrielle Gibson Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Kimberly Goicochea full bio Kimberly Goicochea Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Delaney Goodell full bio Delaney Goodell Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Kyra Gould full bio Kyra Gould Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Christian Graham full bio Christian Graham Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Boston Grant full bio Boston Grant Event: Distance Cl.:  
Spencer Gray full bio Spencer Gray Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Ashleigh Harley full bio Ashleigh Harley Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Grace Harris full bio Grace Harris Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Lauren Harris full bio Lauren Harris Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Madeleine Hess full bio Madeleine Hess Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Afton Hirschi full bio Afton Hirschi Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Faith Hirschi full bio Faith Hirschi Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Braden Hobbs full bio Braden Hobbs Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Faith Hollinsworth full bio Faith Hollinsworth Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Michael Hudson full bio Michael Hudson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Heather Hummel full bio Heather Hummel Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Joshua Jackson full bio Joshua Jackson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Ryan Jackson full bio Ryan Jackson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Taya Jackson full bio Taya Jackson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Mae Johnson full bio Mae Johnson Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Caelan Jones full bio Caelan Jones Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Renat Kashapov full bio Renat Kashapov Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Elizabeth Kish full bio Elizabeth Kish Event:   Cl.:  
Andrew Kochman full bio Andrew Kochman Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Anders Law full bio Anders Law Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Deacon Law full bio Deacon Law Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Katarina Leavens full bio Katarina Leavens Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Kathryn Malone full bio Kathryn Malone Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Allie Maloney full bio Allie Maloney Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Christopher Manna full bio Christopher Manna Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Noorul Mansoor full bio Noorul Mansoor Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Sam Marchlik full bio Sam Marchlik Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Lorna Matthews full bio Lorna Matthews Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Madeline Matthews full bio Madeline Matthews Event: Distance, Thrower Cl.: 9
Michael McCain II full bio Michael McCain II Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Connor McDaniel full bio Connor McDaniel Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Jack McHale full bio Jack McHale Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Emily Meeker full bio Emily Meeker Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Matthew Meeker full bio Matthew Meeker Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Yahya Merchant full bio Yahya Merchant Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Sarah Meredith full bio Sarah Meredith Event:   Cl.:  
Lola Merrill full bio Lola Merrill Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Aaliyah Miranda full bio Aaliyah Miranda Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Camila Montes full bio Camila Montes Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Katherine Moore full bio Katherine Moore Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Alejandra Murillo full bio Alejandra Murillo Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Tej Murudkar full bio Tej Murudkar Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Abigail Neal full bio Abigail Neal Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Eva Ng full bio Eva Ng Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Richard Ng full bio Richard Ng Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Ayoub Nuru full bio Ayoub Nuru Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Micah Onley Quigley full bio Micah Onley Quigley Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Aditi Paknikar full bio Aditi Paknikar Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Vedic Panda full bio Vedic Panda Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Andrew Pardo full bio Andrew Pardo Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Lily Parzych full bio Lily Parzych Event: Distance Cl.: 11
JD (Julian) Petty full bio JD (Julian) Petty Event: Thrower Cl.: 11
Annika Phelps full bio Annika Phelps Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Camille Phipps full bio Camille Phipps Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Michaela Prevallet full bio Michaela Prevallet Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Noah Prevallet full bio Noah Prevallet Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Sanika Rane full bio Sanika Rane Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Annastacia Regnier full bio Annastacia Regnier Event: Thrower Cl.: 12
Cely Regnier full bio Cely Regnier Event: Thrower Cl.: 10
Miguel Rodriguez full bio Miguel Rodriguez Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Priscila Rodriguez Sevilla full bio Priscila Rodriguez Sevilla Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Zachary Rose full bio Zachary Rose Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Olivia Sanford full bio Olivia Sanford Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Emily Anne Santiago full bio Emily Anne Santiago Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Adam Schaich full bio Adam Schaich Event: Distance Cl.: 11
Ashley Sechrest full bio Ashley Sechrest Event: Distance Cl.: 11
David Serrao full bio David Serrao Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Lexi Sheenan full bio Lexi Sheenan Event: Distance Cl.:  
Ajai Singh full bio Ajai Singh Event: Distance Cl.: 9
Tanya Singh full bio Tanya Singh Event: Sprinter Cl.: 9
Edward Stewart full bio Edward Stewart Event:   Cl.: 12
Jaiden Stidston full bio Jaiden Stidston Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Elizabeth Strickland full bio Elizabeth Strickland Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Cole Suplee full bio Cole Suplee Event: Distance Cl.: 10
Kathryn Suplee full bio Kathryn Suplee Event: Sprinter, Distance Cl.: 10
Alexander Tebeau full bio Alexander Tebeau Event: Distance Cl.: 9
CJ Thompson full bio CJ Thompson Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12
Muthoni Thumbi full bio Muthoni Thumbi Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Sydney Todd full bio Sydney Todd Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Jaida Turner full bio Jaida Turner Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Abdullah Umar full bio Abdullah Umar Event: Sprinter Cl.: 10
Mark VanDeWater full bio Mark VanDeWater Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Hannah Wallace full bio Hannah Wallace Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Kyler Wilson full bio Kyler Wilson Event: Distance Cl.: 12
Grace Wolf full bio Grace Wolf Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Christian Wong full bio Christian Wong Event: Thrower Cl.: 10
Gilad Yehudai full bio Gilad Yehudai Event: Sprinter Cl.: 11
Joshua Yeung full bio Joshua Yeung Event: Sprinter Cl.: 12