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Bears Swimmers Take on Johns Creek and Wesleyan in Tri-Meet Competition

Bears Swimmers Take on Johns Creek and Wesleyan in Tri-Meet Competition

On Friday, January 13th, the day after Fulton County Championships, the swimming and diving team traveled to the Wesleyan School to face off in a tri-meet with the host and Johns Creek. Less than 24-hours prior, Johns Creek overwhelmingly beat the rest of Fulton County in district championships and now the Bears were set to take them on again. Unfortunately, the Bears could not stack up and fell to both programs. 

Girls' Team Scores

  1. Johns Creek 233
  2. Wesleyan 231
  3. Cambridge 220
Boys' Team Scores
  1. Johns Creek 258
  2. Wesleyan 214
  3. Cambridge 178

Combined Team Scores

  1. Johns Creek 491
  2. Wesleyan 445
  3. Cambridge 398
Prior to the swim events, the divers competed again with a similar environment of high competition. Simon Finlayson took second overall, followed immediately by Turner Mignerey in third place. For the girls' team, Maddie Chaloux took third place, followed by Haley Copeland in fifth place, and Noor El-Gazairly in ninth. Margeaux Messier and Brooke Darnell competed as exhibition divers. 

For the swim portion, the boys' relay (Clayton Johnson, Konata Ford, Jason Yang, Cameron Chong) took fourth place. The girls' A-relay (Lauren Jonsson, Katie Fishman, Katie Durden, Paula Morales) took third, followed immediately by the Cambridge B-relay (Maggie Duffner, Natalie Henderson, Chloe Paskins, Isabella Empoliti) in fourth. 

In the 200-yard freestyle event, Austin Daniel easily glided into first place with a three-second lead, followed by Connor Christiansen in eighth and Clayton Johnson in ninth. In the girls' event, Maggie Duffner took fourth, followed by Brigs Riddick in eighth and Cat Kania in ninth. 

In the 200-yard individual medley, Sean McGinty dropped significant time to take fourth place overall, followed by Connor Fleming in seventh. For the girls' team, Chloe Paskins took fourth, followed by Isabella Empoliti in sixth and Caroline Butler in ninth. 

In the 50-yard freestyle event, Jason Hink took second place overall, followed by Zak Parker in sixth, and Cameron Chong in ninth. For the girls' team, Brooke McLain took fifth, followed by Libby Jones in eighth, Paula Morales in ninth, Carolyn McLain in 11th with a new best time, Sydney Chambers in 12th, Rachel Henderson in 13th, Katie Fishman in 14th, Anna Kerber in 18th, Adyson LeeMaster in 21st, Natalie Henderson in 23rd, Kelsey Mahurin in 25th, Rachel Avant in 27th, Ella McIlvain 31st, Kerrigan McCabe in 33rd, and Colleen McCreanor in 37th. 

In the 100-yard butterfly event, Jason Yang took fourth with Connor Fleming following up in fifth and Konata Ford in sixth. For the girls' event, Katie Durden took second overall, followed by Darby Goodyear in third, and Chloe Paskins in sixth. 

In the boys' 100-yard freestyle event, Jason Hink took fourth, Sean McGinty took seventh, Connor Christiansen took 14th, Cole Pieroni in 16th, and Clayton Johnson in 21st. For the girls' team, Brooke McLain took third overall, breaking a minute in her individual event, Paula Morales was in seventh, Morgan Young in eighth, Carolyn McLain in ninth with a new best time, Maggie Duffner in 10th, Rachel Henderson in 11th, Isabella Empoliti in 12th, Sydney Chambers in 14th, Anna Kerber in 18th, Kelsey Mahurin in 21st, Rachel Avant in 24th, Brigs Riddick in 25th, Cat Kania in 30th, Caroline Butler in 31st, Kerrigan McCabe in 33rd, and Colleen McCreanor in 34th. 

In the 500-yard freestyle, there were no competitors for the boys' team, but Lauren Jonnson  competed for the girls' team and she took first place overall easily by 22 seconds. Ella McIlvain also competed for the girls' team and she took seventh overall. 

In the boys' 200-yard freestyle relay, the A-relay (Austin Daniel, Cameron Chong, Zak Parker, Jason Hink) took second place, followed by the B-relay (Sean McGinty, Connor Christiansen, Konata Ford, Connor Fleming) in fourth. For the girls' team, the A-relay (Brooke McLain, Maggie Duffner, Morgan Young, Katie Durden) took third overall, followed by the B-relay (Isabella Empoliti, Katie Fishman, Libby Jones, Sydney Chambers) took fifth. The C-relay (Caroline Butler, Rachel Henderson, Carolyn McLain, Anna Kerber) took sixth. 

In the 100-yard backstroke event, Austin Daniel took second, Zak Parker took fourth, and Cameron Chong took eighth. For the girls' team, Lauren Johnson took second place, Libby Jones took fifth, and Darby Goodyear took sixth. 

In the 100-yard breaststroke event, Jason Yang took third for the boys' team, followed by Konata Ford in fourth, and Cole Pieroni in sixth. For the girls' team, Katie Fishman took third, followed by Natalie Henderson in fifth, and Adyson LeeMaster in seventh. 

For the last event of the evening, the boys' 400-yard freestyle A-relay (Austin Daniel, Sean McGinty, Zak Parker, Jason Hink) took second, followed by the B-relay (Connor Christiansen, Cole Pieroni, Clayton Johnson, Connor Flemng) in fourth. On the girls' side, the A-relay (Brooke McLain, Lauren Jonsson, Paula Morales, Katie Durden) took first overall by over six and a half seconds. The B-relay (Morgan Young, Libby Jones, Rachel Henderson, Darby Goodyear) took fourth, and the C-relay (Chloe Paskins, Ella McIlvain, Kelsey Mahurin, Anna Kerber) took sixth. 

The Bears round out their week with a third meet at Cumming Aquatic Center. The Winter Classic Invitational, hosted by Forsyth Central, will challenge the swimmers to have to pull out one more day of performances for the week before heading into the home stretch of the season before the state championships.