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Cambridge Varsity Swimming Season Preview

Cambridge Varsity Swimming Season Preview

Going into the program's second year, the Cambridge Varsity Swim Team looks to be in position to exceed expectations once again. You don't even have to go to a meet to know this is going to be true; you can just look at the roster. Last year, with a squad 28 deep, the team is almost doubling to a squad of 47. 

The team has been hitting the pool hard, starting at 6:00 AM at Lifetime Fitness every day of the week. Additionally, the team is adding strength training in the afternoons to increase their pool performance. Along with added elements of the training regiment, the team is meeting optionally on Sundays for clinics to work on starts and turns. The Bears are looking to make their presence known this season by putting in the work necessary to be a competitive threat to their neighbors in North Fulton. 

Coach Hall comments that the team is doing tougher more intense workouts much earlier in the season compared to last year. Part of the reason for that is the front-heavy schedule the team will have during November and December. The schedule starts sooner with meets almost every weekend until Winter Break and the meets are against more challenging teams, such as Alpharetta High School, Centennial High School, Roswell High School and others. 

Among those leading the Bears squad are the returning captains, Maggie McGinty (senior), Lauren Holliday (junior) and Noah Sannes (junior). Joining the captains will be Bryce Jewell (senior) and Sebastian Lara (junior). While the team only has two seniors this year, the team is gaining more depth with every incoming class. Last year's freshman class was a powerhouse of talent and now they have another powerhouse group to join them. The Class of 2017 proves not to be at all a disappointment. The incoming group will add a lot to the pool of talent the team already has and start to build up the depth this program will need in order to be competitive as a team at State Championships. While we anticipate to see a good number of the Cambridge freshman class at the State Championships this season, Coach Hall sees this group as leading Cambridge to being a team presence at the most competitive of venues within a few years time.  

The Bears competed in their first event of the season at the Raider Relay this past weekend, Nov. 9-10.

Joined by Chattahoochee, Alpharetta, Roswell, and Johns Creek, the Bears got a taste of what they were going to see this season. Coaches and parents alike commented on the change in the Cambridge program. With the Bears sporting their bright Cambridge blue swim caps and the newest in competition suits, the team looked unified and a force to be reckoned with. The team couldn't help but stand out and that is a pattern the team hopes to set for the entirety of the season. The biggest change was in the boys' squad, which not only doubled in numbers, but tripled in talent. They are the group to watch this season. 

Another addition the team has to the season is Assistance Coach Sara Klein. With another set of eyes and experience on the pool deck, the team will have the added support they need. She is going to be an invaluable resource moving forward and the team is grateful to have her. 

The swim team is building a legacy for the many that will follow them. There is no limit to the success this team will experience thanks to the hard work of those that have been there from the beginning and believe in what this team could be. 

Come out and watch the team as they face off next Saturday (11/16) against Alpharetta High School and South Forsyth High School at Dynamo Alpharetta at 5:00 PM.